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2014 Annual Application Plan

The application plan has the purpose to perfect the USP’s computational infrastructure having as the main directive the increase in the resiliency and availability of the communication network, as well as the secure and  high throughput storage.

It is foreseen the assurance of high quality and throughput performance for the data network in any USP site independently of the point of provisioning. Over this data network layer another layer for computational services adherent to the InterNuvem concept (a cloud system) is added. Consequently, the network services are delivered in 24x7x365 thus assuring the support for the whole research comunity. Moreover, this qualification also benefits the whole USP community in its teaching and extension activities.

The main purpose of this project is the installation of a data network center that allows IT services be offered by InterNuvem to the USP’s faculties and institutes.

Internuvem aims to promote computation as a service, which includes the processing, the storage and the communication of the data with high throughput, for the research conducted at the Universidade de São Paulo and also for other institutional partners.