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USP maintains a partnership with the Commitee for the Internet Management  of the Internet in order to host the point for exchange of academic  traffic (Academic PIX – USP) of the PTTmetro project. This project promotes and creates the necessary infrastructure for the direct interconnection of the networks that compose the brazilian part of the Internet. The main advantages of this hosting are:

– traffic rationalization, since the balancing of the traffic is resolved locally and not through third party networks (networks which are physically and logically more distant).

– greater control of the traffic exchanged by USP with other access providers, since this exchange is provided closer of the destination, resulting in a better performance and quality for the users as well as a more efficient Internet network operation as a whole.

– traffic exchange in a neutral point once USP’s infrastructure  is independent of comercial Internet providers

– high quality, high performance and low cost traffic exchange  operating through an unique regional interconnection matrix


Cooperation with the USP’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) for incidents treatment.