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CloudStack Day – Brasil

In 2015, february 12th, the library Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin da USP has taken the first edition of the CloudStackDay in Brasil.

The Cloudstack Day is an event conceived to receive a corporate public composed by users and developers of Apache CloudStack™ related services, offering a space for experience interchange with the most notorious professionals in the CloudStack™ tech world market.

The Apache CloudStack™ is an open source software, designed to implement and manage large scale virtual machine networks, comprised of high availability infrastrucutres, adherent to concept of IaaS (Infractructure as Service). Besides of being used as a service platform, CloudStack™ is used for a large number cloud service providers, either providing services in public clouds or for companies intrested in deploying their own private clouds, or as part of an hybrid cloud.

The event is open for students and related professioanals, as well as for any person interseted in knowing how the cloud technology works from the inside.

More information about Apache CloudStack™ :


More information about theCloudStack Day in the event site: